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If so, let’s book a time to discuss whether aligning your practice with the Sacred Line Coalition is the right direction to take your business.

Why Sacred Line?

The future of work is changing, and at Sacred Line, we are committed to staying on the forefront of the new business revolution. Our corporate structure doesn’t have a top or a bottom, or a middle. Here, all of our roles are intrinsically connected. We all have different roles to play, that are all crucial to the success of the organization.


When it comes to hours, those don’t matter. Come experience what it is like to be measured solely by your results. From completely location agnostic roles to unlimited paid vacation, as long as we are moving forward, we’re good.


Connect with us to learn what it’s like to have a company that believes in empowering our people to run the company, and won’t be checking to see if you’re at a desk or not.

Benefits and Values

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